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If you are currently in employment and are looking for a way out franchising is a good way to move into a profitable business without having to do it completely from scratch, all you need to do to get into your very own self employment job is read our articles, select a franchise for sale and then make contact with the franchiser after looking through all of the great franchise opportunities out there and here. If you're looking for a company in administration, liquidation or receivership please visit our other site Companies in Administration.

Featured Franchises

Working from home is the dream of many, no more time wasted on commuting and the flexibility to organise your day to fit in with other commitments, before you go looking for a UK franchise for sale take some time to read about all of the considerations that need to be taken into account when buying a franchise, there are a lot of franchising opportunities out there and you need to make sure that you pick the right one.

Ten Newest Franchises

Total InvestmentSupport StaffBFA MembershipEstablished Since
Go-Kart Party£16,0002None2004
Highly Successful Child And Pet Care Franchise For Sale£99,9952None2009
Theatre Tots £7,0002None2009
Runaround Rascals£7,5002None2013
Squiggle Magic£2,9951None2013
MCS Franchise£7,0005None2014
Arun Security Services£20,0003None2014
Tiddly Tots Yoga£9,9901None2009
Party Fiesta£58,000-None2003

Have a look at our Franchise Articles for answers to the above and quite a lot more.

Or maybe you're looking to turn your business into a franchise or have existing franchises for sale, would you like to gain funding, or even find some more franchises, spread your business further and make it more profitable, we have a number of articles that should help if you have a franchise for sale and in the near future will be adding the ability for both new franchises and franchise re sales to be added together with some useful tools.


  • What’s Best? Franchising Versus Licensing

    Franchising Vs Licensing, an article from Franchise Route. Franchising and licensing are very different things. Each offers different levels of involvement from the franchisee or licensee. There are up sides and down sides to each, so let us look at a few of them.

  • The World of Franchise Opportunities

    Types of Franchise Opportunities, an article from Franchise Route. We have reviewed many kinds of franchises, opportunities and benefits. Do they provide for people who are looking for a good way to improve their financial status?

  • Research Tips for the Budding Franchisee

    Franchisee Research Tips, an article from Franchise Route. Fail to plan, plan to fail, there are many sources of information for you, to take advantage of, from information provided by the franchisor companies by law, the government and the World Wide Web

  • Questions to Ask a Franchisor

    Franchisor Questions, an article from Franchise Route. What kinds of questions should you ask franchisors when investing in your new business? We have put together some of the questions for you to keep in mind during the interview process.