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Perfect Pizza Ltd

Perfect Pizza is one of the UK’s leading pizza delivery and takeaway businesses, with over 115 stores throughout the country. Since 1982, the company has grown nationally and plans to add a further 20 franchised stores in 2008. But the expansion won’t stop there - there are over 100 new stores in the pipeline for the next 5 years.

The Perfect Opportunity

In March 2006, the company was bought from Papa John’s Ltd for over £7 million by a consortium headed by the ex Managing Director Tony Sherriff and backed by The Royal Bank of Scotland plc and Octopus Asset Management. This demonstrates the management team’s high level of commitment to the Perfect Pizza brand.
Perfect Pizza has proved itself to be one of the great franchise success stories of the last 20 years. The prospects for the right people are still excellent, particularly bearing in mind that home delivery is the fastest growing sector of the market. Independent research indicates that pizza delivery is expanding to similar levels as those in the USA, where consumption is three times that of the UK.


Why Pizza?

It dominates home delivered food in the UK, the fast food capital of Europe
• Pizza is quick and easy to prepare, with inexpensive ingredients and is an impulse purchase, largely unaffected by seasons or fashions
• It’s universally popular, easy to eat anytime, anywhere and its low perceived price makes it far less vulnerable to recession
• It delivers an excellent profit margin


The Perfect Ingredients For Your Success

Set-Up Support

A dedicated team of experts will assist you in every stage of setting up your franchise. This starts with selecting and evaluating the right site and continues with the planning, building, recruitment, legal matters, training,
purchasing of equipment and the development of your business.


Marketing is a very important part of the Perfect Pizza strategy. As well as activities designed to stimulate local markets, there is continuous national support in the form of major campaigns offering a range of special offers and deals. To communicate these deals, the company distributes over 35 million doordrop leaflets per year. Stores also benefit from a variety of national advertising, marketing and PR campaigns.

Market Research

Getting new customers and then keeping them is one of Perfect Pizza’s key objectives. We pay particular attention to attracting families, younger adults and students. To help us do this we carry out extensive market research which helps us to accurately predict trends, providing the basis for innovative menu development and speciality pizzas which keep pace with changing tastes.

Purchasing and Delivery System

We operate a centralised purchasing and delivery system from our Head Office/National Distribution Centre in Staffordshire. We are able to monitor and maintain product quality, whilst a fleet of state-of-the-art trucks covers the whole country. Each vehicle carries frozen, chilled and ambient produce in separate
compartments so we can provide everything each store needs in one delivery.


This is the most important area of our business, headed up by our Operations Director. Our experienced Regional Managers and Trainers are on hand to ensure our franchisees deliver great pizzas in 30 minutes to their customers.
They are also there to support and assist with marketing and everyday matters to ensure profits are maximised.


Did You Know?

• We deliver 4 million pizzas every year
• Each store processes 400-600 orders per week
• Each customer spends £12-£13 on average per order
• Regular customers order twice per month
• Online sales account for over 7% of total orders, with the average online order
• being over £19
• Our key brand message is ‘Perfect Pizza - Perfect Price’ which means we sell great tasting pizzas and side orders at great value for money
• We aim to achieve a maximum 30 minute delivery time from taking the order to delivering the pizza
• Perfect Pizza has an annual turnover of over £20 million and employs over 1,700 people nationwide
• Individual store turnover depends on the talents and commitment of the
• franchisee, but the more successful operations achieve £300,000-£420,000
• per year
• Many of our successful franchisees have now bought 2, 3 or even more stores
• and have seen their profits grow and grow

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