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New website offers new features matching franchise business leads from entrepreneurs and first time buyers directly to Franchisors. - 14th January 2008

(Fareham, England) - Symbios Group ("Symbios Solutions Ltd"), a developer of enabling software on the internet, has today officially launched an innovative new franchise business website called franchiseroute.co.uk.

Franchiseroute.co.uk aims to quickly establish itself as a leading on-line service for the franchise market, allowing users to buy, sell, advertise and stay connected to business users via a number of original on-line tools created by the company.

At launch, the company is targeting experienced business entrepreneurs, keen first time buyers and high net worth Master Franchise seekers to its site. This is of particular interest to Franchisors who are interested in attracting investment or licensing opportunities to their brand.

For franchisors, franchiseroute works with them to create an account profile that includes details on the dynamics of the business, such as turnover, employee history, distribution information and investment expectations. Once completed the profile is displayed as a published on-line brochure, promoting their business potentially to millions of business users via the internet.

Franchiseroute is designed to offer greater efficiency in search and data functionality for business users. Smart Seek, is a powerful function of the website, enabling companies selling franchise opportunities, to search, and promote themselves via matching regular users from the franchise route database, to their business brand.

These dynamic functions, available only on franchiseroute.co.uk help the franchisor make a more informed decision when qualifying applicants, or in expanding existing business in the course of the licensing of its business model to an individual entrepreneur or first time user of the site.

Franchiseroute also uses Intelligent Data Matching allowing franchisors to see the profiles of users who have viewed their on-line brochure page. This important marketing tool allows business development executives to contact "well-qualified" prospective applicants.

Commenting on the launch of franchise route, Symbios Group CEO Martin Montague commented "We are delighted to launch our new brand into the market; we have tried to reflect the character of franchising in the UK throughout the site. Developing a franchise, as like any business start-up, can be a complex process, so our vision for the site is to ensure we provide a simple gateway for both this business seller and for budding entrepreneurs that are looking to develop a single or master franchise brand"